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Membership is open to associations, organizations and corporations operating in the highway community as well as to others who wish to support the efforts of the American Highway Users Alliance. Dues are on a calendar year basis.

*Please note that Membership will be automatically renewed exactly one calendar year from the date of registration. You will be notified one month prior to this renewal date at which point you will be able to modify or cancel your Membership.
State & Local Advocate: For state and local not-for-profit and governmental organizations representing a specific trade, profession, or agency whose interests are tied to highway mobility and safety. Click here for information about membership benefits.
State & Local Advocate -  Minimum annual investment:$500

Small Business: For regional and local companies, transportation consultants, lobbying organizations and others whose economic livelihood is affected by highway transportation, primarily on a regional or local basis. Click here for information about membership benefits.
Small Business Member  -  Minimum annual investment: $600

State/Regional Highway Users Coalition: For coalitions or "umbrella groups" that advocate on behalf of a large, diverse constituency for improved highway safety and mobility within a specified region or state. Highway Users Coalitions are affiliated with the American Highway Users Alliance but may set independent state or local policies. Highway Users Coalitions must provide the American Highway Users Alliance with a roster of affiliated members and contact information. These affiliated members of Highway Users Coalitions are then given free membership with limited benefits in the American Highway Users Alliance. Click here for information about membership benefits.
State/Regional Highway Users Coalition   -  Minimum annual investment: $600

Corporate/National/International: For corporations, national and international organizations. We welcome your inquiry. Please contact the Membership Department for the full range of options that suit your needs. We will work with you to determine an appropriate membership level based on your interest in active involvement, customized services, and access to public policy decision-making entities. Contact membership@highways.org for details about National Advocate, Supporting, Sustaining, Patron and Benefactor Membership.
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